(   )
                          (    )
                           (    )
                          (    )
                            )  )
                           (  (                  /\
                            (_)                 /  \  /\
                    ________[_]________      /\/    \/  \
           /\      /\        ______    \    /   /\/\  /\/\
          /  \    //_\       \    /\    \  /\/\/    \/    \
   /\    / /\/\  //___\       \__/  \    \/
  /  \  /\/    \//_____\       \ |[]|     \
 /\/\/\/       //_______\       \|__|      \
/      \      /XXXXXXXXXX\                  \
        \    /_I_II  I__I_\__________________\
               I_I|  I__I_____[]_|_[]_____I
               I_II  I__I_____[]_|_[]_____I
               I II__I  I     XXXXXXX     I
            ~~~~~"   "~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sun, 03 Jul 2016

The Days of Dialup are Ending

July 1st came and went and with it my annual dues notices. I donate to support a wide variety of SDF's services, MetaARPA of course, but also VPN, VOIP and dialup. I've been a dialup member for a while, I joined SDF in 2007 so it was 2008 or so. For all of those years through this one, I lived in a house in New England with copper phone lines, so dialup made sense as a backup internet for power outages. I also used it while traveling, for example in Vermont where cell service was spotty and the internet unrelaible. But I"ve recently relocated to Quebec - no copper phone lines where I am, power is reliable, internet is also quite reliable (but expensive, at least moreso than I was used to in the US). Anyway, I was sad to do so, but I finally cancelled my dialup membership, I just don't see a need for it anymore. During any extended power outage (a couple of days or more), I would not have a phone line anyway, since it is provided via the cable line. I also don't travel as much, but even when I do, most everywhere has decent wireless internet now.

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Sat, 02 Jul 2016

Moved to Canada

I noted before that I was planning to move my family to Canada [0]. Well, we finally did it in June of this year, and are settling in to the new home in southern Quebec. So far things are fine, the biggest bit of culture shock is that French is the default language here. Some people (particularly younger people) speak both English and French fluently, but many speak only French or French with broken English. I speak passable French for just daily needs, but it is nowhere near fluent, so I'm working on getting that up to speed. My wife will be taking French classes, provided by the Quebec government for new immigrants. My kids will be attending French school - that will be a shock for them at first, I'm sure, but they will adapt as only children can do.

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