(   )
                          (    )
                           (    )
                          (    )
                            )  )
                           (  (                  /\
                            (_)                 /  \  /\
                    ________[_]________      /\/    \/  \
           /\      /\        ______    \    /   /\/\  /\/\
          /  \    //_\       \    /\    \  /\/\/    \/    \
   /\    / /\/\  //___\       \__/  \    \/
  /  \  /\/    \//_____\       \ |[]|     \
 /\/\/\/       //_______\       \|__|      \
/      \      /XXXXXXXXXX\                  \
        \    /_I_II  I__I_\__________________\
               I_I|  I__I_____[]_|_[]_____I
               I_II  I__I_____[]_|_[]_____I
               I II__I  I     XXXXXXX     I
            ~~~~~"   "~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sat, 21 Oct 2017


Jynx started off the fascinating discussion on simple living, asceticism, and technology use [0][1]:

I think that my perfect life scenario is something akin to a cabin in the woods with no roads leading in. No humans for miles.

That pretty much sums it up for me, although I'd insist on the companionship of my wife. Our kids are getting older, too, and she has expressed interest in moving to a more remote locale in the next five years. Her ideal is a farm but I'm quite content with a simple cabin. Those of you who are married to an, *ahem* strong personality can tell immediately how that will end. So I'd better start researching how to run a farm.

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Tue, 17 Oct 2017

Old-Time Radio

My wife and I enjoy listening to old-time radio shows (OTR), mainly CBS's Radio Mystery Theater (CBSRMT) [0], but also CBC's Nightfall [1] series. This past weekend we listened to Orson Welles' rendition of Dracula, from 1938 [2]. They make a nice change from TV if you want some entertainment for an evening.

CBSRMT is my favorite, despite being not so old-time (1974-1982), mainly because I remember listening to them live as a kid, on a transistor radio, while hiding under my covers. That would have been the late 70s. Many of the recordings have ads edited out, but some do not and the old advertisements are sometimes as interesting as the shows. Archive.org has a large OTR section [3].

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Sat, 07 Oct 2017

Thoughts on Privacy

Like many other privacy-minded geeks, I've been trying to lessen my public footprint and use of big-provider emails. I've had my own mail server for many years - In the US I ran my own server from a decent business-class connection with static IPs, but that all went away when we moved to Canada. So I migrated my mail server to Ramnode, where it has been ever since. But for a time during the move, when things were uncertain, I relied more heavily on gmail/yahoo mail. Now that we're settled, I've stopped use of both of them entirely and moved everything back to my own email server again. I don't consider using SDF email in this context, since I don't want to associate my real name with my SDF account.

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