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Tue, 06 Nov 2018

Email Providers and Pubnix

Cdmnky talks about email providers [0][1]. I tried protonmail briefly but deleted my account, it seemed to me to be a bit gimmicky, and less than useful without direct imap support.

I use and heartily recommend posteo.de. 1 euro a month is a small price to pay for secure, stable and privacy-conscious email that is not hosted in the USA. Despite spending more than that on SDF Meta membership, I don't use SDF email for anything critical. It's too unstable.

Speaking of SDF, solderpunk has an interesting essay on SDF and ideas for federated pubnix [2][3].

Two: let your users help. One of SDF's biggest problems is that the user to admin ratio results in a crippling workload for the people in charge, which leads to things falling apart. SDF is full of dedicated and responsible people who've been there for years and would love to help lighten the load, but there is just no interest in this from on top, as far as I can tell. Done properly, this doesn't just lighten the load, it improves response time by making sure that the people with the power to fix problems are those who are affected by them! Nobody wants SDF's gopher server to run smoothly more than the phloggers, and nobody wants aNONradio to run smoothly more than the aNONradio DJs. But those people - even the ones who have been contributing for years and years - have no more control over those systems than somebody who just signed up yesterday. Long serving, reliable generators of high quality content are a digital community's most valuable asset.

Hear, hear. I and many others have offered our help at SDF over the years, only to have our offers of assistance ignored. As a sustaining SDF member for over 11 years now, I've helped out when I could by ghupdating documentation, answering questions, validating new users and even donating cash. But my power to help most times is quite limited, even more so when the underlying infrastructure keeps changing without warning, something that invalidates tutorials, FAQs and welcome emails. After a while you just don't help anymore, because it seems pointless.

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