A Bit More on the 2020 Election

November 02, 2020

Just a bit more on why I think Biden is going to win in tomorrow's election. In 2017, I talked a bit about Trump:

All that said, if I may be an optimist, I hope that the reaction to the Trump presidency will shake voters from their apathy and slowly move mainstream policies in a progressive direction.

I no longer think the last bit is true about progressive policies - if that is to happen in the US, it won't be under a Biden Presidency. But about apathy, I think what Trump has done is motivate independents and young people to vote against him (and even some republicans). Not necessarily for Biden, but against Trump. People who might have voted for Hillary but stayed home in 2016 are now highly motivated to vote. I think this is why we're seeing huge early vote totals in some of the battleground states, and why I think Biden will win.

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