Canadian Citizenship Ceremony

December 08, 2021

Well it took a bit longer than we had anticipated, but my wife was finally sworn in as a Canadian citizen last week. IRCC still continues to run virtual ceremonies, via zoom. They have a decent system down now for that, the whole thing ran very smoothly and took about 90 minutes total. There were about 50 participants.

The only drawback is that with an in-person ceremony, you get handed your citizenship certificate immediately after the ceremony, and you cut up your permanent resident (PR) card at the same time. With the virtual, you have to wait for your certificate to be mailed to you, but you still have to cut up your PR card while on video during the ceremony. So not only does that delay your passport application, it makes traveling out of the country difficult or even impossible while you wait. But it's certainly more convenient for everyone not to have to drive to the nearest big city (which would have been Montreal for us), and you can get the certificate expedited if you have imminent travel plans, so on balance I'd say it's worth it.

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