August 08, 2020

If you choose not to wear a mask when around other people, because you think that this is somehow an expression of your freedom, you have fallen into a trap.

If everyone succumbs to this line of thinking, and no one wears masks, the COVID-19 virus will quickly spread. Hospital ICUs will overflow, emergency rooms will overflow, and hospital waiting rooms will overflow. Soon, people who have life-threatening injuries or medical problems will die because they can't get medical treatment fast enough.

When this happens, governments will shut down businesses and schools again, and you will be at home, in lockdown. You will not be free to visit friends or family, or go out to get your haircut or go to the park.

You will not be free.

If you choose to wear a mask when around other people, and your fellow citizens do the same, the virus won't spread as fast and the hospitals will be able to keep up. Businesses and schools can stay open. You will be able to go out and visit friends and family, or get a haircut, or go to the park. You will be free.

Wear a mask and be free.

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