Gopher vs. Gemini, Gopher Browsing with Pale Moon, and Canadian Citizenship Update

July 20, 2021

Gopher vs. Gemini

I enjoyed Visiblink's vignette about Gopherly and Geminiville.

I just wanted to add that my own gopher use/participation has waxed and waned since I've been using it (I started my phlog at SDF in 2009), and I'm not worried that gemini or some other protocol will somehow eclipse gopher. These things are cyclic and I'm sure there will be another surge in gopher use at some point, and maybe even a corresponding decrease in gemini use as the newness wears off.

Gopher via Pale Moon with OverbiteFF

Gopher via Pale Moon with OverbiteFF

For graphical gopher browsing, I've been enjoying Pale Moon. It's a fork of Firefox but using the old network architecture, before Mozilla made changes that broke OverbiteFF. So that plugin works with a small modification to the RDF file in the XPI installer. The change is very simple - unzip the XPI installer into a temporary directory, and add the snippet below in the 'install.rdf' file (you'll see similar blocks for Firefox and Seamonkey at the top of the file, just add this below those), then zip everything back up and install the newly formed XPI in Pale Moon by just opening it with the File menu.

       <!-- PaleMoon -->

Citizenship Update

Some personal good news: My wife's Canadian citizenship application has been fully processed and approved, as of yesterday. We're just waiting for her oath ceremony, which will be virtual. The application process itself has taken almost two years, with major delays due to the pandemic. As anyone who has been through similar processes knows, it's a huge relief to finally know when it's over, as you never know what is really happening behind the scenes and what surprises the government might throw at you.

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