Holiday Weekend

May 23, 2021

It's a holiday weekend here in Canada, most people have Monday off for Victoria Day (in Quebec of course they have to be different and celebrate Patriot's Day). We're still seeing nice weather, although it's a bit dry here with no real rainfall in about three weeks. Hopefully that changes next week - but as I mentioned in my last post, the weather has been nice for bike riding, and I was able to get out for a ride yesterday and today.

COVID-wise things are finally getting better, and our region's curfew will end on May 28th. I read recently that Canada has surpassed the US for first-shot percentage. The culture here is a bit different than in the US, at least as far as vaccine hesitancy. Most people want the vaccine, and we don't see the political divide on this issue like in the US. So I think the final percentage of people vaccinated will be quite a bit higher than south of the border. Like many people, we're anxious to travel again and visit relatives - both in Canada and the US, and it's looking like by August we will be able to do that safely.

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