In Search of a Simpler Web

February 18, 2020

This site is an expression of what the web should have evolved into. It is statically generated or hand-crafted HTML with a bit of CSS. There are no cookies, there is no javascript. There are no ads and no social media buttons. Just original content, mostly text. Hyperlinks and reasonably-sized media where appropriate. Optional HTTPS for older client support. It is readable on mobile devices and text browsers, and is simple to parse for screen readers. It loads fast in any web client.

There is an RSS feed, something all sites should have. I'm not competing for your eyeballs and I couldn't care less what client you use to view this site since I have no ads. It's a site first and foremost for me, secondarily for anyone else who is interested.

There is no commenting system - you can always email me, or post a reply on your own blog, either of which might provoke an interesting discussion at a slow, thoughtful pace, which in turn might provoke more posts. Those will also likely be slow in coming. Why are we in such a hurry?

By virtue of being simple there isn't much of an attack surface. There are no form inputs and no database. The only "input" from the outside is in the HTTP request headers, so the security here is based on that of the web server, as it should be. Here's to a simpler web.

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