Pandemic Update

July 5, 2022

Quebec lifted their mask mandate for indoor public spaces (except for hospitals and clinics) at the end of May. I think that was a mistake given the transmissibility of the virus and its ability to mutate, not to mention the affects of long COVID which are becoming more apparent. We still wear an N95 mask when out in public, but not many here are doing that now. Wearing a mask is such a simple thing - why not do it?

Cases have been low here so far this summer, but are just starting to rise, following the lead of other countries in Europe and parts of the US. I think it's just a matter of time before we are fully into a new wave of infections. Will this wave lead to more hospitalizations? No idea, but it may not matter. I predict that in a year or so we will be grappling with a sharp increase in disabilities due to long COVID.

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