Quebec Updates

May 08, 2021

We've had some nice weather the past week or so in Quebec, today it is 22c and sunny. This despite the official forecasts threatening rain every day. I'm not sure how they get it wrong so often, but I'm not complaining in this case. The nicer weather has allowed me to get out on my bike more often.

We've slipped back into a COVID red zone in the Eastern Townships, averaging about 380 new cases/6 deaths per week for the past few weeks. People are getting careless with the warmer weather, or maybe getting a false sense of security with a lot of 'one shotters' walking around now. Canada had vaccine supply issues early on, and so delayed people's second shots to 12+ weeks. My own second shot won't be until mid-August, despite getting my first shot in April. So for now I am still being careful.

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