SDF Motd Site Archive

February 17, 2020

I've had issues with my SDF site recently, the powers-that-be decided to summarily remove the python v2 packages, rendering my blog of 11 years dead. I had last generated a static copy last December, so that is what I have archived here, for posterity. The one missing post 'OTR for the Holidays' I've re-posted here with the original post date.

Sadly, any comments left by visitors can no longer be displayed, but all the posts are there and can be accessed from the left sidebar by date.

Originally my motd site and SDF gopher site were clones - when I posted to the motd site I would run a script to convert the HTML to text and post it to my gopher hole, or vice-versa. That process is easier now since I write the entries for this blog in markdown, they can be directly copied to gopher. Still, the two sites might diverge at some point. I haven't decided.

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