September 26, 2021

I took a much-needed vacation last week and my wife and I spent some time at an off-grid cabin at one of Quebec's national parks. "Séjour en nature" they call it. This one we picked for its remoteness - on a lake, 3km from the park office. This was in southwest Quebec, in an already sparsely populated area.

It's been a long time since I remember being some place quiet. I'm not just talking low noise, I mean NO noise. On our first day we went out on the lake in a canoe, there was no wind and clear skies. The only sounds were those of nature. Birds, mostly. No highway noise, no construction, not even other people. I'd forgotten how enjoyable this can be, and even though we only spent three days there, coming back to our home in the suburbs was a bit jarring. On my return I really noticed the constant background noise. Sadly, I am sure I will acclimate to the noise again, but I'll be back to that cabin for sure. I'm jealous of those of you who live in the country full-time and don't have to deal with noise pollution.

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