Spring in Quebec and Recent Reads

March 14, 2021

Spring in Quebec is iffy - you get some beautiful weather followed by sub-freezing temps, wind and snow. The inevitable mid-march cold front plus snow came in last night, and is here for a few days anyway, if the forecast is to be believed.

When I lived in New England, it was common to shovel your own driveway, and then hire a local guy with a pickup for one or two times a year when there was just too much to handle on your own. In Quebec, snow tends to come in little bits, almost every day, punctuated by big dumps of the stuff every week or two. My first Quebec winter I shoveled my own driveway, being accustomed to it and not knowing any better. By January my back was destroyed and I was ready for spring.

So the next winter I hired a service, about $300 for the season (typically November to April) and they plow your driveway anytime more than a few cm falls. Which, as I've noted, is a lot. So it is well worth it. And these aren't random people with a plow mounted on a pickup - these are actual companies with commercial-grade tractor/plows, and there are a lot of them, so the price stays low due to the competition. Most of them switch to lawn care in the warmer weather.

Of course some people here use snow blowers, and I considered that, but at over $1k for a decent one, plus gas, maintenance and storage space, it did not seem worth it.


I've been reading Lindsay Buroker's "Fallen Empire", an enjoyable and light space-western which immediately reminded me of the TV series Firefly. I've finished the first book in the trilogy and highly recommend it if you are into that sort of thing.

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