April 10, 2022

I try to go for a walk every day, a few kilometers at least. I've been doing that for about five years now, and am well into my second pair of walking sneakers - it would probably be more if not for the necessity to wear boots six months of the year in Canada. Now that it's a habit, I actually feel physically bad when I don't get a walk in at all, or if it is late in the day and I haven't yet gone for a walk. It's probably more noticeable since I work in IT and (obviously) sit all day in front of a monitor.

Anyway, apart from the long-term health benefits of staying active, it's amazing how just a short walk can immediately improve one's mood. If I walk after lunch on weekdays, I find that the afternoon slog at work is much less mentally draining.

Walks in sunshine are good, but I also like to walk in inclement weather - snow is the best. It seems more peaceful when it's snowing and you are the only one out and about. There is a strong outdoor culture in Quebec, and in nice weather there are lots of people out walking in their suburban neighborhoods or parks. So it's a treat to find solitude. In the summer months, sunset walks are the best, as it's cooler and, again, there are fewer people about.

I don't buy any particular type of shoe, the first pair I destroyed were Columbia specialty walking shoes that I had expected to last longer than they did. They fell apart on the inside, and so couldn't really be repaired. So my current pair I just bought whatever was reasonably priced and comfortable, with the expectation that I'll just replace them after 2-3 years. Seems to be the way of the world now, this planned obsolescence. But if anyone has advice on walking sneakers that actually last or can be repaired when they wear out, I'd love to hear it.

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