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Gopher vs. Gemini, Gopher Browsing with Pale Moon, and Canadian Citizenship Update

July 20, 2021 — Slugmax

I enjoyed Visiblink's vignette about Gopherly and Geminiville.

I just wanted to add that my own gopher use/participation has waxed and waned since I've been using it (I started my phlog at SDF in 2009), and I'm not worried that gemini or some other protocol will somehow eclipse gopher. These things are cyclic and I'm sure there will be another surge in gopher use at some point, and maybe even a corresponding decrease in gemini use as the newness wears off.


Holiday Weekend

May 23, 2021 — Slugmax

It's a holiday weekend here in Canada, most people have Monday off for Victoria Day (in Quebec of course they have to be different and celebrate Patriot's Day). We're still seeing nice weather, although it's a bit dry here with no real rainfall in about three weeks. Hopefully that changes next week - but as I mentioned in my last post, the weather has been nice for bike riding, and I was able to get out for a ride yesterday and today.

COVID-wise things are finally getting better, and our region's curfew will end on May 28th. I read recently that Canada has surpassed the US for first-shot percentage. The culture here is a bit different than in the US, at least as far as vaccine hesitancy. Most people want the vaccine, and we don't see the political divide on this issue like in the US. So I think the final percentage of people vaccinated will be quite a bit higher than south of the border. Like many people, we're anxious to travel again and visit relatives - both in Canada and the US, and it's looking like by August we will be able to do that safely.

Tags: holiday, pandemic, vaccine

Quebec Updates

May 08, 2021 — Slugmax

We've had some nice weather the past week or so in Quebec, today it is 22c and sunny. This despite the official forecasts threatening rain every day. I'm not sure how they get it wrong so often, but I'm not complaining in this case. The nicer weather has allowed me to get out on my bike more often.

We've slipped back into a COVID red zone in the Eastern Townships, averaging about 380 new cases/6 deaths per week for the past few weeks. People are getting careless with the warmer weather, or maybe getting a false sense of security with a lot of 'one shotters' walking around now. Canada had vaccine supply issues early on, and so delayed people's second shots to 12+ weeks. My own second shot won't be until mid-August, despite getting my first shot in April. So for now I am still being careful.

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Spring in Quebec and Recent Reads

March 14, 2021 — Slugmax

Spring in Quebec is iffy - you get some beautiful weather followed by sub-freezing temps, wind and snow. The inevitable mid-march cold front plus snow came in last night, and is here for a few days anyway, if the forecast is to be believed.


A Bit More on the 2020 Election

November 02, 2020 — Slugmax

Just a bit more on why I think Biden is going to win in tomorrow's election. In 2017, I talked a bit about Trump:

All that said, if I may be an optimist, I hope that the reaction to the Trump presidency will shake voters from their apathy and slowly move mainstream policies in a progressive direction.

I no longer think the last bit is true about progressive policies - if that is to happen in the US, it won't be under a Biden Presidency. But about apathy, I think what Trump has done is motivate independents and young people to vote against him (and even some republicans). Not necessarily for Biden, but against Trump. People who might have voted for Hillary but stayed home in 2016 are now highly motivated to vote. I think this is why we're seeing huge early vote totals in some of the battleground states, and why I think Biden will win.

Commentary on the 2020 US Presidential Election

November 01, 2020 — Slugmax

I predict Biden will win the election. Nothing is certain, of course, but it's pretty clear that Trump and the republican establishment are worried, with their attempts to suppress votes any way they can.

If I were still living in the US, I would have voted for Bernie in the democratic primaries - not that it would have done any good. It seemed like no matter what, Biden was going to be nominated. The democratic establishment went to great lengths to protect and push Biden's nomination forward. Consider that Trump was impeached not because his regime kidnapped infants and children and tortured asylum seekers, but because he tried to smear Joe Biden.

But Biden is just a status-quo candidate for the corporatist machine that rules Washington. I suspect that wall street and the corporate lobbyists can't wait to see him in office. Trump proved impossible to control, always saying the quiet part out loud. His corruption was on full display. Biden is a savvy politician, and won't make such mistakes.



August 08, 2020 — Slugmax

If you choose not to wear a mask when around other people, because you think that this is somehow an expression of your freedom, you have fallen into a trap.

If everyone succumbs to this line of thinking, and no one wears masks, the COVID-19 virus will quickly spread. Hospital ICUs will overflow, emergency rooms will overflow, and hospital waiting rooms will overflow. Soon, people who have life-threatening injuries or medical problems will die because they can't get medical treatment fast enough.

When this happens, governments will shut down businesses and schools again, and you will be at home, in lockdown. You will not be free to visit friends or family, or go out to get your haircut or go to the park.

You will not be free.

If you choose to wear a mask when around other people, and your fellow citizens do the same, the virus won't spread as fast and the hospitals will be able to keep up. Businesses and schools can stay open. You will be able to go out and visit friends and family, or get a haircut, or go to the park. You will be free.

Wear a mask and be free.

Tags: pandemic, masks, freedom

Return to Cynicism

July 03, 2020 — Slugmax

When the pandemic started I had a thought that perhaps it might be good in the long-term, despite being horrific in the short-term for many. Here is what I was thinking (these apply to the US and/or Canada, the two countries I have lived in, but I suspect these observations could apply to many countries):


Quebec Pandemic Update

April 10, 2020 — Slugmax

Canada's PM said today that return to normalcy won't happen until there is a vaccine. This is 12-18 months away. The modeling released today also assumed smaller outbreaks over the next year after this initial one is contained. Each outbreak would require strict social distancing measures. I'm thankful for the honesty - we've heard all this before in various places, but it is nice to hear it "officially".


Pandemic News Overload

March 19, 2020 — Slugmax

The past few weeks have been stressful for pretty much everyone in the world, to say the least. The Covid-19 pandemic is radically altering our lives, like it or not. My wife and I find ourselves having to take breaks from the news, obsessing over it causes physical sickness.